How Reading Can Change Your Life In Every Way Imaginable

“This isn’t your best work.  You need to step it up. You need to get a grip on this. What’s going on?  Where is the fire and enthusiasm I’ve seen before?” your boss asks you, as you keep you head down in a slump. You think to yourself, “Why?  Why is life going like this for me? Why do things happen to me?”

You’re alone you don’t have any mentors to talk to. You don’t have anyone to talk to and express your concerns, worries, and troubles…. but you have one thing. You can read.

“But I cannot read! I don’t have time of day to read. I go to work, run errands, cook, I have to feed the pets, and eat. Honestly there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to read”…

These are all excuses and I’ve heard them all.  From being too old, too young, too rich, too poor, too fat, too ugly, too beautiful.

But no one is too important to read.  Information exists out there from people who are experienced in just about anything and everything in life about any and every topic. It’s available for you to have in your hands and learn and grow.

Before your eyes, you’ll read the words of other great entrepreneurs, salesman, influencers, politicians, writers, scientists and actors.  The same feeling that you’re having right now of failure, they have felt it tremendously.

…they really want to tell you that it’s not all about the success. It’s about the failures they’ve went through.

They have felt it for numerous years throughout their life. Everyone has only seen their successes but they really want to tell you that its not all about the success. It’s about the failures they have went through. All the tough times are in their books that they have published and decided to share with you; how to overcome these low periods, these dark troughs in your life, these grimly shadows and emptiness in your work. How to overcome defeat, chin up, and keep moving forward.  There are valuable lessons to be learned through others failures. You should read if not for improving  your own life, then to elevate the lives of others.

People find excuses because when people are determined not to do something , they’ll make up any kind of statement they can to justify why they can’t do something….Reading is one of them.

Commitment. The new word that summons fears in our hearts. And that is what reading requires…or does it? Let me ask you this. How long do you take to drive to work? Do you drive a forty five minute commute to work? That’s an hour and a half a day! No, you don’t have to necessarily read the physical papers but you can listen.

You Can Listen.

That’s seven and a half hours of audio book, Monday through Friday. There are vast amounts of books available in the audio formats.  And what’s even greater is you have the actual author narrating that book that they wrote with all their heart and passion.

People find excuses because when people are determined not to do something ,they’ll make up any kind of statement they can to justify why they can’t do something. Reading is another one of them.


Reading changed me. I remember I was so low one point of my life not too long ago. I used to look in the mirror and I couldn’t even look at myself in the eyes. I didn’t like what I saw. My priorities weren’t straight. I was making friends with poisonous people. I lived day by day with nightmares, not dreams. I could look, but I could not see.  I was just drifting through life.  I had lost my confidence at work.  I lost my relationship.  It was tough.  You know you’re miserable when the sun is shining beautifully outside but your mind like a door that is ajar, welcoming a dark abyss to engulf you, and you just can’t seem to find your way out of it.

I needed some some sort of advice.  I needed to hear words of wisdom,motivation, and direction to help me find myself.  And then a thought came to mind…I remembered that there were people in the past that had life much WORSE than me.  I figured I could learn from their struggles. I always had the books on my shelf the books and the library books I started reading. Many authors are gone from this world but their words still live on and have influenced millions of people.  I started reading their works and I could not believe how I was changing my life! I looked at other books to help enhance myself in every section of my life and I discovered how amazing I began to feel!  
I regained my confidence. I gained a happiness I never knew I could have. It was a new found energy, and a reason to live.  There was a twinkle in my eye again and people could feel it!

Reading Can Completely Change Your Life…

Reading can completely change your life. It doesn’t have to be religious, but your experience may be spiritual. It doesn’t have to come from your mom or dad your pastor or teacher. But it should come from your heart. The best books that I have read come across have been from my own desire to learn because once you start that fire,  once embers start to spark up it spreads like wildfire. You’ll want to keep learning and keep growing.  You’ll want to be a better person today than the person you were yesterday.  You’ll start to remember your dreams and you will start to reach goals. Your mind, heart and soul will begin to have freedom.

Reading can change your life.  Pick up a book and read.