This Numerology Test tells you more about yourself than you might even know! I found this so much fun and spot on. Honestly, I am not sure if it is real or not, but it is fun regardless! Let me know if it was accurate for you. Cheers!Read More →

I’m crazily excited to share with you this new book written by my friend Eddie Sergey, who is a truly self-made and financially abundant entrepreneur. Not only did he manage to overcome all the disadvantage she suffered in his childhood, he is now living the life of his dreams. A bountiful life where he feels abundant in all aspects of his life..  be it health, wealth or love. As I read the book, my mind was literately shifted from the depths of winter into an invincible summer. What’s exciting: – The FIRST STEP you must take to be a creator of your   own destiny.. where success can be ANYTHINGRead More →

People are afraid of change. And people are afraid of what they do not know. Sometimes we don’t know and don’t want to admit it. Hell, I even know some people who KNOW they are wrong and still don’t admit it and accept defeat! Their pride will consume them. I had a heated debate  about GMOs with a buddy of mine. He was a total vegan. I’m talking like, 10 years into the game without eating any bacon at all. Seriously, what gives, I thought…. But he was so PASSIONATE about how refraining from eating animals is actually helping the planet, healthier, happier, and mostRead More →