You don’t die from snake bites. Snake bites don’t kill you… Because it is not the bite from a snake that kills you, nor is it the snake itself; it is the venom that kills. And much like the venom starts to circulate into the body and enter the organs, anger does the same thing. We get bitten all the time, metaphorically speaking. Just think to the last time you’ve had an encounter with a rude coworker or customer, or just had a rough day with your significant other. They may have said something that hurt you, either intentionally or not. And then it happens. Bite.Read More →

You check your clock, and it says one thing. You check it again, and BOOM! It is already 6 years later. That is how my life has felt since I had started college up to now. And it has been a rollercoaster for sure! So many friends have come and gone, and new ones are in the picture. Living in different cities, different jobs, different experiences, and a whole different idea of what we might have pictured when we were younger. I know some of you out there know what I am saying. “WTF, I never thought I’d be here 5 years ago, what isRead More →

As some of my close friends already know, I have been in the food service industry for about 5 and a half years. I’ve worked from dishwasher, server, manager, host, and bartender. Bartending during the end of my college years and a few months post grad, I definitely had a vantage point that many of my peers never really experienced. This humbling, yet exciting point of view has allowed me to go down a road of self realization and has given me a brand new idea of who I aspire to become. 1.) Please and Thank You Go A Long Way So many times, aRead More →