The better way to do things:

With an Open Book and….

…….an Open Mind


Hi, my name is Jacob. Welcome to my website.


There is just so…much… NOISE in the world. I couldn’t tell you how many times someone has told me to think THIS way or suggested THAT technique in order for me to achieve success. Sooner than later, I found myself getting LOST in the sea of personal development. With good intentions initially, I just kept getting deeper and deeper in the water, treading for some sign of real hope.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh boy, here is just another motivational facebook page. Great…” No. You’d be wrong, in fact I know for a fact that I cannot change you. I cannot change your mind, and I cannot change your life. What I do know is that I have COMPLETE CONTROL over my life. Open Book Open Mind is about sharing my experiences from what I have learned from others in books and in person, providing you valuable information to help you consider your options in making an educated decision in whatever aspect of your life.
Remember this (and i will always remind my followers) That you have the ability to think for yourself. And live your life….with an open mind.